Friday, January 28, 2005

The Future Is Wild

Later this year a Stanford scientist plans to create a mouse with a 100% human brain. I understand this may seem a bit strange to people at first, but frankly I can see some potential advantages to being the first post-human mouseman.

For example:

  • hiding in the laundry basket to scare a human-bodied maid or little sister,
  • outsmarting over-confident cats using things like radar and the internet,
  • taking cheese from mousetraps and leaving sarcastic notes written in sloppy mouse handwriting in its place,
  • looking adorable in a tiny cowboy hat,
  • faking an English accent to pick up PETA chicks.

But, the obvious advantages are all outweighed, for me, by the part about having to live your whole life as a freakin' mouse. That's the part that would just be so totally lame.


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