Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Paraprofessional Surgery

This report produced by Northwestern Memorial Hospital makes it clear that heart patients who are not treated by cardiologists are likely to get sub-par medical care.

I bring this up because it reminds me of the most hilarious story. You're going to love this. It seems that one of my neighbors needed bi-pass surgery, right? Well, in order to save a little cash, he decided to let his girlfriend, a cosmetology student, perform the surgery on the kitchen table.

You can see the punch-line already, can't you?

Well, picture this -- there he was laying on the table, his girlfriend opening up his chest with a pair of scissors, when all of a sudden he started screaming and blood started to spla...

... hmm

... You know this story is a lot less funny than I remembered it being.

My mistake. I'll try to pay more attention to topic-research before I post again.


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