Thursday, January 27, 2005

My Birthday

Sometimes I feel sorry for people because when they talk about their youth they refer to it as "The Old Days". Not me. I refer to my youth as "The Awesome Days".

My youth was so awesome that I'm tempted to spell "days" with a "z", as in "dayz". But, for now I'll resist the temptation.

My birthday is this week, and I'm realizing that I'm really starting to get old. Moving into middle age is a very strange experience that feels nothing like what I would have predicted it would feel like. The strangest part of the whole experience is how I feel just like I've always felt. I'm mean, sure, I may not know who the new saxaphone player for The Pearl Jams is, and I may not get all excited every time Aerosmith gets a new haircut; but deep down, I'm still just a kid at heart.

Hang Ten Everybody!


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