Thursday, May 13, 2010

Crapples Rock

Recently I recorded some music with a friend, which prompted me to search through my archives of previous recordings. I thought the following items would fit well on this blog, even if no one reads this blog anymore.

This is the theme song for a movie I made with some friends a few years ago. The movie is called "Video Games Of Love". It's now showing nowhere on earth.

The Crapples Singers: Video Games Of Love

This one was a proposed theme song for another movie that I made. This song was never used in the film, but I liked it anyway. The movie for which it was made is showing in exactly zero theaters worldwide!

The Crapples Singers: Factory Of Dreams

Lastly, this tune was just me messing around. I was thinking about using it for a closing credits song on a certain movie someday, but the movie never got made.

The Crapples Singers: Crying On The Inside