Sunday, February 27, 2005

Prom Days

Das Slug’s recent post about deciding whether or not to go to prom got me thinking about my own prom days. I didn't go to mine. The thing about me is, I was so attractive in high school that no girl ever dared to pay any attention to me at all in any context -- or so I reasoned.

But, I think the main thing that kept me from going was that I was too far ahead of my time for most of the girls at my school.

For example, I remember walking up to one girl to ask her to prom. I was wearing my sleeveless DEVO turtleneck at the time (click to enlarge). I handed her a hand made card that said:

Written Communication From Star Captain to Foxy Life Form

Nanoo Nanoo!

Join me for a prom night that will be out of this world! I'll show you the galaxy, but you can still assure your Dad that I won't try to be a Space Invader at the end of the night! So, unless you have a case of Asteroids, consider it a date!

Note: You must respond to Star Captain before Tuesday or offer expires.

PS: Just to make sure we understand each other - Star Captain = Me, Crapples

She didn't get back to me in time... or, well... ever.

... Anyhoo ... what was my point again?

Oh, I remember. My advice to Slug is: Don't worry too much about going to the prom. Whether you go or not, you can still grow up to have as many great memories of high school as I have.


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